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How It Works

PropertyFax is an innovative digital fax solution for the Corporate, as well as the Individual user in South Africa. It was developed with the most benefit to the receiver in mind, and because all Incoming faxes are FREE, you can receive as many faxes as you want. Using this service will also allow you to save on costly workplace overheads like paper, toner, fax and voicemail servers, equipment maintenance and telco line rentals.

It complies with ICASA Regulations, The ECT Act, and is accepted in various market sectors including Banking Institutions, Government, Municipalities, Corporate SME’s etc. PropertyFax is committed to providing the market with an exceptional service offering that exceed client's expectations within the constraints of sound corporate governance and best practice principles.

Receiving faxes

You can now receive faxes anywhere, provided you have Internet access! No more faxes getting lost as you can now receive your faxes wherever you can access your E-mail. On sign up you will be instantly allocated a personal dedicated fax number, where you will receive your faxes, which will then be forwarded to your E-mail address. These faxes are received as TIF attachments, and can be printed, forwarded, saved on disk/network and faxed.

• Receive confidential documents in the Inbox of your PC anywhere you can receive email - no papers lying around
• Received faxes can be forwarded to any number of recipients at a click of your mouse – no time wasted at a fax machine
• Specially designed to accommodate huge volumes of incoming faxes to specific addresses
• No special additional hardware or software required
• Get your number instantly - your own dedicated 0866 number for life
• Save on paper and ink (Only print required faxes or pages)

PropertyFax is FREE

You don't pay a cent for your Fax-To-Email Number.



This service remains FREE - always!

Save on ink and paper-wastage

PropertyFax is SECURE

Standard Emails and Digital Documents can be altered. PropertyFax protects the integrity of documents containing sensitive and confidential information.

Documents are faxed to your Fax-To-Email number and thus cannot be altered.

Fax-to-Email protects your privacy
as documents only arrive via
your email.

PropertyFax is CONVENIENT

Receive your faxes wherever you have access to your email.

Be mobile and have access to important documents on demand.

Only print the faxes you really want

All faxes are stored electronically
on your computer